ConsultGen creates evidence-based environments that enable the use of clinical uncertainties for self-growth and best practice.

Our system integrates searching for answers with professional development while encouraging users to share evidence. Research shows that using evidence in healthcare evaluations reduces hospitalization and patient mortality. We make accessing that evidence faster and easier.

  • Medical evidence at your fingertips

    Providing medical professionals with high quality evidence-based research and information.
  • Healthcare app development

    Whether it's iOS, Android or Web, we have a solution for you.
  • Providing integrated solutions

    Integrating reflective practice with professional development.

What we do:

ConsultGen's system provides healthcare professionals with high quality medical evidence and information.

How we help medics:

ConsultGen creates an environment where healthcare professionals can communicate and share evidence.

How we do it:

We create interactive apps and websites to present filterable, ranked and organised medical information.

How it benefits patients:

Doctors, nurses and other professionals can securely create, store and discuss patient information and treatments.