ConsultGen's mission statement:

Creating an evidence-based healthcare ecosystem and promoting its use for professional growth and best practice

Our core Values:
  • A commitment to evidence practised in professional areas for best outcomes.
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • A commitment to reducing the barriers to high quality outcomes for the world.
  • A commitment to self growth during your every day life.
A Brief History of ConsultGen

ConsultGen is a startup business that sprang out of the first annual Bioversity Hackathon Weekend at Imperial College London (3 - 5 July 2015). What was originally envisioned as a medical research datamining product over time turned into an evidence-based healthcare service company named ConsultGen. The startup founders that remained are AbdulShakur Abdullah (team leader), Andrea Birotti and Lea Maitre, and we have since gained more dedicated and talented professionals. Our team is composed of specialists in the fields of biomedical science, software engineering, ontologies, bioinformatics, medicine and healthcare.

ConsultGen's people:
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Name Roles Contact
AbdulShakur AbdullahBusiness Leadership, DNA Sequencing, Scientific
Farhan AzmatBusiness Accounts,
Andrea BirottiProgramming, Semantic
Lea MaitreBusiness Management, Scientific Research, Biomedical
Aysha NazirMedicine,
Contact us

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