ConsultGen creates evidence-based environments that promote the use of uncertainties for self growth and best practice. We develop systems that integrate searching for answers, with professional development, and allow users to share evidence

What services do ConsultGen offer?

ConsultGen creates customised systems that provide doctors, nurses and other medical professionals with high quality medical information and evidence which helps them quickly resolve questions and solve complex problems. Our services return filtered and ranked evidence-based medical information and we provide an environment where healthcare professionals can communicate and share evidence quickly, all while maintaining patient confidentiality.

Our company has three products that are currently going through pilot testing. The first is a group/hospital based solution, the second is focused on home care centres and high quality patient care directed towards nurses working with OAPs; and the third is a system for individual healthcare professional development.

How does ConsultGen provide their services?

ConsultGen's team of highly qualified biomedical scientists, software developers, visualization specialists and business relationship managers work in collaboration with consultants and industry specialists to provide secure, accurate and relevant information and services.

Who can benefit from ConsultGen's services?

ConsultGen focuses on healthcare professionals in hospitals, care homes, group/specialty practices as well as healthcare educators (please ask about our educational services); however, we believe those who truly benefit are the patients. Once our services are set up, medical professionals will be able to look up best paractices, the latest research and talk to each other to help their patients.

Who are ConsultGen's clients?

ConsultGen is a new innovative startup company with established contracts with San Sebastian Hospital, Spain, and currently, we are pilot testing three unique applications in care homes and hospitals.